Image of the It's Your Story Competition Logo. The background is white and features blue silhouettes of a girl, a bird, a butterfly and stars walking on an undulated surface. Below them the logo reads It's your story competition. Below them are logos for Through Scarlett's Eyes and Access2books.

It’s Your Story Competition

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A few weeks ago we wrote telling you about the It’s Your Story Competition on our Facebook Page. Now, all the details have been finalised. Check them out on the link above.

It is time for you budding creative writers who are readers and contributors to Through Scarlett’s Eyes website to whip out your pens and tap away on your keyboards and let your imaginations run wild. Do what you do best – tell stories.

Write an accessible children’s picture storybook.

Parents and guardians you are welcome to help your child or children to write their story. As long as the story is:

  1. funny
  2. up to about 400 words
  3. includes your child in the story
  4. supply a front cover design: it should illustrate the main characters and the story line.

That’s simple, right? Then get writing!

There are three main categories. These are:

  1. 0 – 6 years
  2. 7- 12 years and
  3. 12 – 17 years.

Each category has prizes donated by either VICTA or John Lewis [Milton Keynes] and Access2books. You can  check out the specifics on the It’s Your Story Competition page.

An overall winner will be selected from the three pools and they will receive a copy of their story book published by Access2books.

The book will be in dual format; i.e., in giant print, and Braille with accessible illustrations.

A copy of the book will be sent over to the British Library in London as per custom. Everyone will be able to access their publication.

Four judges will be doing the judging. They are:

  1. Sue Hendra: an award winning children’s author and illustrator of books like Norman the Slug With The Silly Shell, Supertato, and many others.

    Image of Sue Hendra at the Imagine Children's Festival. She is pictured holding up a copy of Norman the Silly Shell With the Silly Shell in giant print and Braille.

    Sue Hendra, author and illustrator of books like Supertato, pictured at the Imagine Children’s Festival earlier this year. She is holding up a copy of one of her books Norman the Slug With the Silly Shell which she saw for the first time in Giant Print and Braille.

  2. Charlotte Mellor: an employee of VICTA and a representative of Through Scarlett’s Eyes.
  3. Tim O’Sullivan: the BAFTA Award winning Creative Director at Karrot animation will be on the panel. He is Series Director and Script Editor of CBeebies Sarah and Duck.
  4. Eileen Finch: she is a cofounder of Access2books and also a Director. She has published over 60 plus book titles in accessible format. 
    Picture of Eileen Finch, Sue Hendra and Mike O'Sullivan chatting at the Imagine Festival at the Southbank Centre with the London skyline behind them.

    Sue Hendra chatting to Eileen Finch and Mike O’Sullivan [founders of Access2books] at thye Imagine Festival at the Southbank Centre in London.

 The competition is now open to readers and contributors to Through Scarlett’s Eyes website. It will be closing on the 8th of January 2016.
The winners will be announced on the 31st of January 2016.
Check out the It’s Your Story Competition link for more details and how you can send in your entries. Good luck writers!

Access2books’ first newsletter, The Forge, finally published

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Phoebe reading to Ryan using their nan's accessible books.

We are happy to launch the first edition of our quarterly newsletter, The Forge. It is finally published and out now.

We have spent the last few months working on it and it is a relief and a pleasure to finally send it out and let it have a life of its own.

You can click on the following link to read it The Forge Newsletter 1st. Edition.

What kind of articles can you look forward to?

We have a variety of articles talking about what we do, recently produced work and an article about how the Access2books project came about.

It is an inspirational story about how Eileen Finch, the team leader of the project, started losing her sight because she had Stargardt’s and she wanted to read to her grandchildren.

However, she couldn’t find books that she could read and so she started off this project to make children’s books that combined giant print [75 point], Braille and specially adapted pictures to cater for people who happened to be blind or have a visual impairment because there wasn’t anything like it on the market.

She also wanted the books to be as beautiful as other popular children’s fiction books. In a nutshell, that is how it came to be.

You can read more about it in The Forge plus an article from Eileen’s column talking about her experiences as a person who happens to be blind.

There is a variety of articles including short articles written by Alex Strick, author of Max the Champion, and Sue Hendra, the author and illustrator of books such as Norman the Slug and his Silly Shell.

Shot of Sue Hendra, author of Norman the Silly Slug With His Silly Shell, standing at the podium and holding up a worried Norman in her hand while reading the book at the Inclusive Minds Festival at the Southbank centre in London.

Author and illustrator of children’s books, Sue Hendra, holds up a worried looking Norman, as she reads from her book Norman the Slug With His Silly Shell at the Inclusive Minds Festival at the Southbank Festival in London in February 2015.

Both these busy ladies are working with Access2books to help promote the project and offer guidance and support plus collaborating on projects.

In the next edition, we will have full interviews with the authors and much more. It is an exciting venture and we hope that you will enjoy it.

We look forward to your critical feedback because it will help us improve the quality and content of our newsletter.

It has been a learning curve for us and we anticipate that we will continue to learn and expand our publishing expertise in various mediums.

Thank you for been a part of our journey. By the way, have a lovely Easter.