Images of a black and white photo of a man having an eye test conducted . There is a hand holding a black object which is at a 90 degree angle. The hand is holding one end of the object. the other is crossing the bridge of the man's face and covering one eye completely while leaving a slot where one eye is able to peep through.

IAPB #EyeCareForAll Photography Competition

Competitions, Eye Health

Have you heard about the #EyeCareForAll Photography Competition? The IAPB [International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness] is inviting amateur and professional photographers to photograph or document the impact of eye health in people’s lives.

Image of a small blonde boy sitting in a white plastic chair, holding a telescopic magnifier to his left eye while taking down notes on a notepad on his knees using the pen in his right hand. He is wearing a yellow and blue checked shirt and light brown - chocolate like trousers.

Image source: IAPB #eyecareforall photo competition entries. Image by VENKAT RAVINDRA – AMATEUR CHILDREN EYE-SCREENING PRIMARY-CARE.

There are three prizes to be won: one for professionals, another for amateurs and another for juniors.

The professional prize will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit a project held by the IAPB.

A lucky amateur stands the opportunity to win a Nikon D3300 camera. This is a DSLR and a great entry level camera into the world of photography for the lucky winner.

It has many cool features which are just too many too list here but you can check out more information on the link above or the video below to find out more about this fabulous prize.

The prize for juniors is supposedly special and yet to be announced in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes and ears peeled open to find out what the grand prize will be.

The two winners and five runners-up will be announced on the 14th of October 2015 at the IAPB Council of Members meetings in China.

All the pictures entered by competitors have to submitted and uploaded on the IAPB’s social pages and subjected to public voting.

A panel of judges will draw up a short-list of images based on the public votes.

If you are struggling to understand anything, you can check out the IAPB’s website or view some entries on this link to get an idea about what other entrants are doing.

Below is an example submitted by one entrée for the competition.

Image of picture of a team of four surgeonss in an operating theatre operating on patients' eyes. The patients are hidden under a cover of surgical green sheets.

Image Source: IAPB #eyecareforall photo competition entries. Picture by ALI MEARZA – AMATEUR EYE-CARE-PROFESSIONALS PARENTS-GRANDPARENTS WORKPLACE

Entering the competition is simple. Firstly, you need to upload a picture.

Secondly, you have to share your picture on social media from the IAPB’s social website gallery. You are required to use the tag #eyecareforall.

Thirdly, once you images appear in the gallery, you are required to invite friends, followers, family, etc. to re-share your images. The images with the highest shares and likes will be short-listed.

That sounds pretty easy and exciting. I know there are many of you keen visually impaired photographers out there who would enjoy making photos that deal with eye health and the opportunity to mix their hobby with something they are passionate about.

This is your chance to combine the two and document what you see regularly or discuss or share passionately on social media.

If there is anything unclear above, please check out the #eyecareforall Photo Competition for more details and clarity. Have fun and take this opportunity to get more exposure.

P.S. Access2books is not involved in any way with this competition. We are simply sharing something we thought you would find interesting. All the best of luck. Happy snapping and sharing.


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